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A Membership to STOB is $40 and is for everyone under the household. For Members to shoot in our League the fee is $10, the fee for nonmembers is $18, Youth 12-17 are $5, kids 11 and under are free and must be accompanied by an adult to shoot. If you are wanting to Join let one of the people at our registration booth know and we will get the paperwork to you.

The Code of Conduct and Range Rules will be inforced by the Board of Directors. They will determine the appropriate action for failure to abide by them. Their decision is FINAL.

Code of Conduct

1. Because of the nature of our sport a high degree of seriousness and awareness is required of each member on the range.

2. An understanding of range commands and an immediate response to those commands is necessary.

3. Members must listen and obey all range commands when they are given. Remember, a cease fire can be given by any person on the range. All commands need to be heard.

4. Safety is a top priority of our club. If any member is witness to unsafe actions or conditions please notify a Board Member immediately.

5. Safe handling of shooting equipment is expected of members at all times both on and off the range.

6. There will be no running or "horseplay" on the range.

7. As a family oriented club, members will display appropriate behavior and treat fellow shooters with respect.

8. Foul or abusive language will NOT be allowed.

9. Physical harm or threats of physical harm will not be tolerated.

10. Parents/guardians are responsible for their childs actions and must accompany their children that are shooting on the range.

Range Rules

1. Please make every effort to be on time and ready to shoot at 7 pm.


2. The first target is practice. At the whistle shoot 2 arrows then step back so the line judge can see when everyone is finished. After retrieving your arrows move to the next target which will be the first one scored. We will shoot 10 targets take a short break, then shoot the remaining 10.


3. Scoring an animal is 10 for the heart ring, 8 for the lung ring, 5 for anywhere else on the target. Only 2 arrows per animal. A miss is a 0. No mulligans.

4. We will assign your starting positions. Two teams per station, four shooters. A member of one team will call points while a member of the opposite team keeps score. This will keep scoring honest and accurate.

5. There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL on the shooting line this is in accordance to county policy and insurance coverage issues.  You are allowed to  drink before, during break, or after just NOT on the shooting line.

6. After we are finished please bring your final target to the center of the arena and pick up any broken arrows or trash so the arena is tidy for the next person. Also, don't forget to turn in your score sheet so they can be recorded.

7. We will record your best 6 scores.  There is a cap on scores with handicap of 400. This gives everyone a equal chance.

8. Handicaps are based on the average of your TOP three scores. 


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