Board of Directors

Ever had a question about STOB but didn't know who to go to to ask? Well here's our Board of Directors. They should be able to answer any question you may have or you can contact us through our Facebook or contact us here.

Cory Brunson


The President is chairman of all committees & shall issue calls for & will preside in all meetings. He assigns members of the board their duties & performs the general duties in the office of President.

Cory joined STOB in 02/03, he worked his way to be Range Captain, then VP & is now President. He's been President since about 2009 & knows just about everything about STOB from changing a vital in an animal to safe shooting angles. 

Anthony Reed

Vice President

Anthony has been VP since 2009. He assists the President in all club activities & may assume office if the President is not able to act. Anthony manages all Leagues, Club activities & State Tournaments. When asked how he got involved with archery & STOB and what he likes he replies, "Shooting. I got a bow when I was little.. 4 Maybe."

Bryan Warr

Secretary/ Treasurer

The Sec/Treas keeps all records of the Club. Maintains the Membership Roster, Club Profits & submits reports to UAA. "I was a  founding member of STOB in 1984. Have been the Sec/Treas since then. I have been shooting since I was a toddler, my dad was a pro staff shooter for Bear Archery and Carrol Archery back in the sixties. and seventies."

Linda Reed


Linda is a Board Member & she's been assigned to check guests in on League Nights at the Registration booth with Monica & Michelle. "I got my 1st bow when I was about 8. My dad liked to shoot bows. I have been active in STOB since 2004. And on the Board for 4 years. I really enjoy it because I get to spend quality time with my Husband and my boys Michael and Anthony.."

Michelle Taylor


Michelle joined STOB in 2017 & has been shooting for about 2 years now. "I LOVE IT!! I help with the Big Shoot as much as I can & offer up as many ideas as I can to help with League. I think our club has the best people & we work well together." She has been assigned to assist Mamma Reed & Monica with registration at League & the Big Shoot.

Brandon Lloyd


Brandon joined STOB back in 2005, he first started shooting when he was 7 years old. He has been a Director on & off for the last 5-6 years. He assists other Board Members in various duties. Brandon is one of our favorite Club Members as well, when you shoot with him, prepare for a fun time!

Monica Black


Monica is a Board Member & has been assigned to help Mamma Reed & Michelle with registration at League & the Big Shoot. "I joined STOB in the summer of 2016, but I have been involved with archery since I was 4 years old." 

*Monica has been In Thailand for the last year, but she is now back & ready to serve her 2 year term with us.

Lauralyn Brunson

Social Media/Webmaster

Lauralyn is our Social Media Coordinator & Webmaster, she maintains all Club Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Website) which includes DM's, emails, photos, updates, newsletters, etc. She's been an active member of STOB since 2009 & has served a 2 year term as a Director 2017-2019.  "I've always been interested in Archery since my dad joined STOB when I was about 7, I love it. I love how everyone is family in this club. We have fun but are serious about what we do."

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